I see that you have decided to take charge of your passions and plan to make a proposal but like the gentleman you are, you are completing your due diligence. I thank you.


Please note that I always screen my suitors before we get better acquainted in person. I do not accept references from dating agencies or masseurs.  They must be an established provider.


I require your first and last name.
P411 information if you are a member.
A discrete telephone number.
A blank email from your work account (I do not respond to protect your privacy).
At least three references within the last 12 months from independent ladies.

These are required components of my screening process and incomplete requests will not receive an answer.


The most efficient method of contacting me is via email at or phone number at 224-275-6797.

Please do not abuse the usage of my cell phone and make contact with me only if you are seeking to set up our next date. Abuse of my contact information is very ungentlemanly, and I always want to delight in seeing you.

Being a model in her 30s, I have a predilection for well-groomed men in their 40s or older. Nothing delights my senses more than a man in a well-tailored suit and a four in hand knotted tie. Sexy!


I do not see suitors younger than 35, however; I require at least four references and those must be recent within the last eight months.


I am a native Chicagoan and rarely tour. Make your dreams come true by flying me to you! I would love for you to entertain me with the sights and sounds of your city as I spoil you in our more private moments together!

A wise investment is always non-negotiable. Please place your gift in an envelope and in on the bathroom vanity if I am traveling to meet you or you are arriving at my place.

A picture only says so much, here are my measurements.

​​Hair Color: Blonde
Eyes Color: Blue
Height: 5’3”
Bust: 34” Cup: DD
Waist: 25”
Hips: 36”
Shoe: 38 EU  / 8​

Clothing: Small